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Sixteen years ago, I read a book called, “The Narrow Gate and the Heavenly Footman” by John Bunyan. There are some books that not only make an impact, they  transform your life. The effect of this book was so powerful that I ordered whole boxes of these books and started blessing people with them. I will admit, it changed my way of thinking, and till today, it is one of my most treasured books. If you don’t have one, I recommend you buy a copy of this book. You will be blessed.

John Bunyan’s book talks about the trials and difficulties the Christian will encounter along the way as they go through life. It’s one thing saying you have Faith in Christ, it is another thing to endure and have Faith that perseveres right to the very end of your existence here on earth.

“Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say will seek to enter and will not be able.” (Luke 13:24).

Luke 13:24 was once a scripture that I read without fully understanding its implications. Think about it deeply…what should come first to your  mind is the gate of Heaven. Not every one can enter a gated mansion, Selah… it is not a free for all walk in to this grand estate. Many mansions have wide gates, but scripture describes this gate as very narrow. This is unusual in the natural sense as you would expect a glorious mansion to have a very huge and wide gate.

You can only enter a gate when it is open, you cannot do so when it is shut. There are times and seasons on God’s calendar and the Christian must recognise this. According to scripture, many will seek to enter this gate when the time to enter this gate has passed! This is a daunting, yet shocking reality.

Christ is the door that leads to Heaven. Psalm 118:19 says, “Open to me the gates of righteousness. The next verse says, “This is the gate of the Lord.” This gate is the gate through which all the righteous shall enter. There is no other way or route to get to Heaven. The hour of Christ’s return is unknown, so I implore you brothers and sisters, to be ready and waiting, just like the wise virgins, in this Day of Grace. (Matthew 24:44). When the door is shut it will be too late.

I have two extra copies of the book, “The Narrow Gate and the Heavenly Footman” that I would like to give out to you dear reader. If you would like one of them, please send an email requesting this to :

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