Quality time with your baby.
Reading to your baby at a very early stage has proven to do wonders for his or her development. Babies love and enjoy  listening to reading. Isn’t it better they bond with you than the T.V., digital games or computers? These items are sometimes used as baby sitters. Reading provides excellent bonding time for baby and parents.

Babies learn to hear even from the womb. They recognise their parents voices. How beautiful it would be for them to recognise God’s voice through His Word?

Tell a child about Jesus today. Tell your Sunday School Group, tell your Holiday Bible Club, your nieces and nephews are waiting if you don’t have children… The future generations are waiting for you to take them by the hand and lead them to Christ. It is your responsibility as a believer in Christ. Amen.
© Ruth DicksonUK
Heavenly Treasures Ministries
Ruth Dickson UK is a Christian Author.

Photo credit: Parents Choice Foundation.

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