Acts 20-27_Block 8

He preached the whole counsel of God.
Paul testified to both Jews and Greeks without reservation. He taught publicly, also going from house to house, so that people would turn in repentance to God and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:20).

With much danger and opposition, Paul persevered and pressed on. Without fear, he shared the gospel. He equipped the Believers with everything they needed for their spiritual development. He held nothing back. Paul lived a consecrated life. He was persistent, dogged, tenacious, resolute and determined to preach the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ every where he went.

Paul was all things to all people so that He could win them over to Christ. He was a Jew when he was with the Jews, and a Gentile when he was with the Gentiles. He did everything possible to reach everyone. He preached the two sides of the gospel coin: repentance to God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Whether publicly or privately, Paul was not ashamed of the gospel. He declared the whole counsel of God. The message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

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Heavenly Treasures Ministries
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