Be bold and courageous:
I was walking along a pathway that leads to a park when a gentleman passed by with a toddler on his shoulders. I felt the Lord prompt me to give him a copy of “Have You Not Heard About Jesus?”

I told about him about the book I have for children, he read the title and gave the biggest smile I could ever imagine. He held the book with both hands and was just looking at the title. He then showed it to his son who was eager to see what his dad was holding in his hands.

The stranger then told me he was a Christian and that he and his wife attended one of the local Churches in the area. I then told him if he needed more for the Children’s group within his Church, he should just request one through the web address on the book.

The moral of the story: never be afraid to talk to strangers when the Holy Spirit prompts you. Never be afraid to ask the question “Have you heard about Jesus?”😀
– Ruth Dickson
You can get your own copy here:

Story Picture: from google images.
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