A beautiful illustration.
The nature of a seed is a paradox in that the life within a seed comes alive by death.

Unless a seed is planted it will never grow. When a seed goes into the earth the process of rot and decay begins, the seed then dies, before it sprouts and produces a harvest.

The thought of Christ’s death was displeasing to the disciples. They had great expectations. They thought about a glorious Kingdom where they would rule alongside Christ with great power, glory and authority.

However, Christ had to die, be buried and rise again (Just like in the illustration of the corn of wheat) for the enormous harvest of souls. His death would produce abundant fruit from every tribe, kindred and nation. This was Christ’s purpose. His sacrificial death paid the price, He made atonement for sin.

Just like the life of a seed comes through its death, so Christ has given life through His death.
© Ruth DicksonUK
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