The Prophecy of Zephaniah gives us insight into the Character of God, reminding us that a day will come when we shall meet with Him, face to face.

While Zephaniah talks about a Day of confusion, judgement and terror for God’s enemies, it also shows us the other side: the hope and expectation of those who truly belong to the Lord. The coming King will be a Mighty Warrior King, who saves His Children. Those in Christ must live in hope and with great expectation.

The day of reckoning will be the day where the elect will meet with the One who delights in them. They will meet with a loving father, and not a judge. This is why Believers must rejoice at all times. The Believer must rejoice in the promises of God. God has promised! The promises of God are received by Faith. It is as good as done, when God says, it is done!

In His love, He will no longer rebuke you. It is a comfort to know those in Christ, will not be found on their own. He is their blessed assurance. All the punishment that should’ve been theirs, would have already been taken away, by Christ. On that day, He will remove the proud and haughty, and establish the meek and humble: those who trust in the Lord (Zeph.3:11-12). He will cast out the enemy (V.15). This is a great reason to rejoice with great exceeding joy.

He will rejoice over you with singing! Those in Christ will sing a new song, on a brand new day. The Comforter and Consolation of His children, as promised, will never leave or forsake them. All forms of rebellion and oppression will be removed. The ‘Day of the Lord’ will be a day where the children God will sing, shout aloud, rejoice and be glad. There is a certain shout that rises up at the beginning of every battle, it is used in scripture (Num.10:9; Josh.6:10; 1Sam.17:20;, 2Chr.13:12,15). Even today, every believer must rejoice as a victor who has already won the battle. Christ is your battle-shield, you have the victory in Christ, the battle has already been won. Rise up in faith and rejoice!

God’s grace is absolutely wonderful. It is all encompassing. The true sons and daughters of God must rejoice with all their hearts. Their faith is not anchored on the fleeting or superficial. It is real. It comes from knowing God, His nature and His power. It comes from knowing that His promises are certain, and assured. It comes from a deep assurance, that those who believe in Him, are justified, and have everlasting life. Hallelujah!
© Ruth DicksonUK

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