The physical beauty of a woman will open doors; attract attention, favour and gain approval…but it can be highly deceptive, according to Proverbs 31:30. This is because the physical appearance of a person can present a false representation of the person. Charisma and good looks can hide a cold heart, a mean spirit and most of all, a shriveled soul.

The physical beauty of a woman will eventually fade away, but the fear of the Lord is everlasting. It is the crowning glory of a woman. Choices based upon external appearances can yield great disappointments.

Even after physical death, a beautiful soul lives on. Such is the portion of women who fear the Lord. The woman who fears the Lord is a woman of virtue. She is comforted and recompensed by the Lord. Her honourable behaviour is her clothing. She walks in the boldness and conviction of her faith, her praise comes from God (Romans 2:29). She is a good role model. There are many rare gems, but none of them can be compared, to the woman who fears the Lord.

©Ruth Dickson

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