The sound of sheep brings joy to the heart of the Shepherd. Among all the people of the earth, there are a special people in whom the Lord delights. They are a chosen people, special to Him and loved dearly. The “Lord takes pleasure” in His people. He favours them and delights in their prosperity.

The the world hates and despises the Children of God, but the Lord “beautifies” them. He adorns them with great honour and makes them a show of great beauty to the  world. He “beautifies” the meek with salvation. There is a glorious place prepared for them. The Saints know they need their Saviour. Even when  they are humble, and afflicted by the enemy, they are patient and meek. The Lord delivers them and is gracious towards them.

The Saints are crowned with everlasting salvation and glory.

Clothed with beautiful garments, bedecked and embellished with holiness, meekness, peace, contentment and joy, are the Children of God. They are sanctified and justified. The saints delight in their Saviour, that is why their Joy is FULL. In due season they shine as brightly as the sun and sing a new song.

© Ruth Dickson 2017 

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