It is true: Most Christians are focused on laying up treasures here on earth…

Matthew 6:19 is a gentle reminder and slight slap on the wrist, a  tap on the shoulder. It is recorded in scripture  to remind every child of God to take caution against the luring strength of worldliness (one of the greatest enemies of the soul).
Jesus wants us lay up treasures in Heaven ( Math.6:20). The world teaches us to seek happiness in this world. The worldly will never teach you about eternity or encourage you to invest in those things which have eternal value.

Do you view God’s Kingdom as an arena and avenue through which you can fill your pockets or is it a place to invest in building God’s Kingdom, Heaven’s Treasure and Heaven’s people? What is your perspective? Feel free to ask questions/ leave comments below. 

© Ruth DicksonUK
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  1. To me the treasure that are laid up for you in Heaven is from the thoughts words and deeds that you have say and do here on this Earth but make no mistake the Most high means for us to live well on the Earth but not with a spirit of greed and stinginess how can you give one who need if you have nothing yourself Yeshua said the poor you will have with you always he didn’t say that you would be one of them


    1. It’s from God’s provision that believers in Christ and the Church as a whole is able to help others. Infact it is when people don’t play their part that others within the body suffer, physically and spiritually.

      There are also the riches of God’s mercy, wisdom and knowledge. These are divine riches, but perhaps to be discussed another day…

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