Just like Christ, be light on this earth.

Jesus Christ was born to save souls. He gave the commission to all who believe in Him to preach the gospel, to be light, that shines in darkness. Jesus Christ is a blessing to this world and those who believe in Him are a blessing to this world.

If you believe in Christ, you have been risen up to SHINE. This is not to draw attention to your self, but to point the world to the ONE who gives hope, the Saviour of your soul. He is the LIGHT of the world (John 8:12). The believer in Christ is a beacon of light to this evil world. Everything he or she does speaks of Christ glory. His honour and praise shines through the works of their hands, to the honour and praise of HIS HOLY NAME. The beauty and brightness the child of God display comes from the Beautiful One.

There is great honour in serving the Lord. He bestows grace, dignity and honour upon His children, to the point where people see this good work and glorify the Father in Heaven. Great riches are in Christ. You are peculiar and distinct from the world, if you belong to Jesus. Be that spark of light that cannot be missed.

© RuthDicksonUK 

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