The repetition:
“Put on the whole Armour of God” ( Eph.6:11) is repeated in Eph6.13. We need to take note of this point. Paul repeated these words on purpose. God has given you the grace you need for this life.

If you are asked to, “take up” or pick up some thing, the implications are that you have put something down. Unawares, many believers put their spiritual armour down. At times, a person may have on spiritual armour but it is loosely fit. With gaping holes in your armour the enemy can attack you.

The spiritual armour of God is not a show piece, it is real. The gaps in ones armour can easily be missed.

Jacob obtained blessings from his father, but he had to unbuckle the “Belt of Truth,” to obtain it, however, with future consequences down the line.

David removed the “Breast Plate of Righteousness,” in the case of Uriah, but the enemy shot back at him later on.

Jonah, refused to put on the “Shoes of Peace,” by refusing to preach in Nineveh, later, he was thrown into the belly of a whale.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, You need to pray for daily grace to close the gaps in your Armour, whatever these gaps maybe. Where a piece of armour has been taken off, you can pray for the grace to put it back on again.

Paul did not hesitate to repeat his words about it and you should not hesitate to repeat prayers about wearing your spiritual armour properly. It must be well secured at every point… satan does not play games and neither should you.
© Ruth DicksonUK
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