Ephesians-6-12The fight is not against ordinary human beings. The fight is spiritual and it is only the supernatural might and power of God that can prevail against such principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places. The pillar of God’s power will arise where His power and authority are contested.

satan is a powerful enemy, but the Saints have a more powerful God.

No child of God is excluded from satan’s plans. The image of God reflected in the believer, enrages Hell. Only God’s power can prevail over satan’s grip, control and bondage (Eph. 1:21,22; 3:10). No human strength can ever win such a battle. The Israelites fled the bondage of Egypt, but they had no peace until they reached Canaan.

Christ is “the head of all principality and powers”(Col.2:10). All powers are subject to Him. He has absolute authority. He has stripped the hosts of wickedness of their armoury ( Col.2:15).

satan desires the honour that should be given to Christ alone. He seeks to force men to give him the worship that only belongs to God. Christ has already made a way of escape for His chosen ones.

© Ruth DicksonUK

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