Whatever your gift: USE IT
Service (diakonia) is a generic term used for a wide variety of ministries.

“Teaching” and “Exhortation” (encouraging), are two different ways of communicating the same Truth (1Cor. 12:5). Teaching addresses the understanding, while Exhortation, the conscience or feeling.

We are living in a time where more and more people are searching for the Truth. By Grace, in these last days, many are coming to Faith in Jesus Christ and Astute teachers are desperately needed in the Body of Christ. Young believers, need nurturing in the Faith. Older believers, need daily encouragement to keep marching forward in a world increasingly hostile to the Gospel.

I pray, whatever your gift, you will use it to build up the Body of Christ. Pray for increased grace for those who use their gifts selflessly. Pray that their zeal may abound.
© Ruth DicksonUK
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