romans12_6scriptIt’s all by His grace

There is enough room in the body of Christ to accommodate the gifts within it. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance (Rom.11:29). With this perspective, there is no room for competition, envy or jealousy. Everyone has a role to play in building up the Body of Christ.

Each child of God brings something unique and special to the Body. You differ according to the grace (charis) given to you. These gifts (charisma ta) are not meant to be hidden, they are meant to be used.

You are the light of the world. Everyone can see a city that sits on top of a hill. The light of a city can be seen from miles away. (Matt.5:14).

These gifts are not to glorify ourselves, but to honour and glorify God.

It is important as brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage one another. Each person should have opportunity and freedom to flourish and use their gifts effectively.

Whether Prophesying, teaching, exhorting, evangelising, giving, serving (diakonia), leading, (these are just examples, and not an exhaustive list), do it to the glory, honour and praise of God.

Be amongst those who encourage and appreciate the gifts in the Body. Amen.
© Ruth DicksonUK
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