col-1-27Joint Heirs of riches in CHRIST

He preached by God’s authority. Paul was commission by God, not man, to share the hidden mysteries of the gospel. It was a mission he took whole-heartedly, he was a faithful steward. God used Him to explain the gospel to a people who had been exposed to mystery religions, they were in desperate need of the gospel truth.

The gospel, though a mystery, is not to be hidden, but revealed. By Paul’s words in Colossians 2:18, we can see there were some private ceremonies or secret hidden rituals that were taking place. It a was the source of trouble to the church.

The secret mystery revealed

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not to be kept secret. It is to be proclaimed from the roof tops (Matt.10:27). Everyone can see and hear a person shouting from an elevated position. It is not a cult of secrecy, but open to all, to see the glorious riches in Christ. Ephesians Chapter One explains this better.

That God should choose ordinary people, to partake in such as glorious inheritance, seems outrageous now, as it did back then. It was controversial for anyone to suggest that Gentiles, as well as Jews, belonged to the same family!

In these last days, many people from the four corners of the earth will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Those who were not reckoned to be called the children of God, as quoted in Hosea and reiterated by Paul in Romans 9:26, will be called, “the sons of the Living God.” This will be to the astonishment of many.

Christ is the hope of glory for the Jews, as well as the Gentiles. This mystery, hidden for generations, is now revealed to you, the child of God. Christ, in all His glorious riches, lives in the hearts of his sons and daughters all over the world.

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The riches in Christ are inexhaustible.

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