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39_4A CHANGED STATUS: A new life:

Joseph was loved so much by his earthly father to point where it attracted the jealousy and envy of his brothers. It was partly Jacobs fault because he gave Joseph preferential treatment. Joseph wore a bright multi-coloured coat, while his brothers wore plain ones. He was also well gifted and talented, he could interpret dreams. This created a sea of trouble for Joseph and he ended up in a pit.(Gen.37) Further along the line, his good looks and uncompromising godly nature put him in prison (Gen.39.20).

Joseph eventually came out the pit and prison and was seated in the highest seat of the land of Egypt (Gen. 41:40-46). Apart from Pharaoh, there was no one greater than Joseph in Egypt.

A Throne of Grace

Despite it all, the Lord was with Joseph, and he “found grace”in the sight of the Pharaoh. Anyone in Christ…

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