romans12_4scriptureYou are the Church

A healthy Church has many members with each person playing a unique role. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 uses the metaphor of the body. In the body of Christ, each member functions differently, according to the grace given to it. No one can boast about the gifts they have because they are all graciously given by God. The glory of God is displayed in these different gifts, abilities and talents.

Everyone has a part to play, only a part, and not the whole thing. This is where the concept of the different body parts comes in (1Cor.12:12-31). Look at the human body, it is one unit made up of different body parts. The Head of the body is more visible than the Heart. The Head is visible to all, it is prominent. However, this does not make the Heart less valuable because it is invisible. Without the Heart, the Head cannot function. In-fact, the body cannot live without the Heart… Selah.

Each part of the body works in perfect harmony with the other. One part cannot not seek to pull down or diminish the work of another.

It should be greatly appreciated that not all members have the same function (Rom12:4). Imagine the confusion and competition it would create if everyone tried to function in the same role. It would create a bottle-neck situation.

Today, think about the unity and diversity of the body of Christ and celebrate it. Pray for your role, as well as the role of others, that it may be done in perfect harmony, to the glory of God. The Holy Spirit has not given you a gift to hide it under a bushel. Pray for the room and freedom to use your gift today.

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