romans12_6scriptThe grace of your gift.

Isn’t it glorious to see someone used by God. These gifts to the Body of Christ, are given out to people by grace, in proportion to their faith.

Prophesy, giving practical service, teaching, exhorting, contributing to the needs of people, exercising leadership and showing mercy are the different gifts, each unique in their own special way. These gifts, sometimes called, “Charismata,” are mentioned in 1 Cor. 12:8-10 (nine functions are listed here), 1 Cor.12:28,29 (eight are listed here), Eph.4:11 (four are listed here, though some see it as five), please read. The Spirit of God works in all these gifts. He graciously distributes them, to each person individually, as He wills.” (1 Cor.12:11).

The Church benefits and grows when these gifts are allowed to function freely. They are like beautiful ornaments to the church. The growth of a Church is suppressed when these gifts are suppressed.

These gifts are not exclusive to the most visual parts of the body.. Everyone has something… Sometimes, a person is given more that one gift, it is all for the glory of God. It is for the benefit of the church and the blessing of it can also extend outside the Church.

Everyone’s gift is useful. No one can boast about their gift because all gifts are given by the grace of God. Each gift is exquisite and different, given by God who desires to give all things willingly (Romans 8:32). A person can misuse their gift. This can be compared to a person who blows and throws something of great value down the drain.

Are you faithful with your gift?

Child of God, your gift or talent is to be used for His glory. The body of Christ needs what your Father in Heaven has divinely bestowed upon you. You may have the gift of Prophecy, be a skilled Musician or have the ability to sing, you may be a gifted Writer, be great at organising, powerful at teaching, eloquent at speaking, great at exhorting or be a strong leader.

Whatever God has given you, use it freely,  for His glory. Amen.

© Ruth DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK #ChristianAuthorWriterSinger

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