weekly-post-24Opposition to the gospel

There is a spirit that opposes the word of God and those who share it. It seeks to hinder gospel publications and loathes the ministers who are successful in doing what Jesus asked them to do: The Great Commission.

Saints every-where, both near and far, in every nation are to “pray without ceasing,” ( 1Thess.5:17). Pray for those who minister the gospel. Pray that every opposition be exposed and hindrance overthrown. Pray that hearts and minds, that are closed to the gospel, be opened to receive it.

But the Lord is faithful

The Lord is good and He never fails on His promises. Even with those who lack faith, He remains faithful (2Tim.2:13). He watches over His word and carries out His plans (Jer.1:12). Jesus said, “I will be with you always, to the very end,” (Matt. 28:20) and that is a promise.

Strength and protection from the evil one

The believer, who looks to Christ, will stand his or her ground in the face of wickedness. It is by His grace the children of God are not moved. He places them in a strong tower, where the enemy cannot reach them. He gives them the ability to move forward.

Pray for the Church this hour, it needs encouragement and strength. It needs consolation, hope and grace to be established in every good word and work. (2Thess.2:16-17).

Pray for me, the writer of this post, that the gospel work will continue.

May God protect us all from the evil one.



© Ruth DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK #ChristianAuthor

#Prayer #TrustintheLord #Always #ChildrenofGod #Praywithoutceasing #Power #Protection

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