Isn’t it heart-warming to read encouraging words of scripture on Social Media in the midst of the horrendous dark content you come across. Just one encouraging post can change the course of your day. The eyes are the window to the soul and what filters through can either produce light, or darkness.

The mind has such retentive memory, what it sees, what it reads, what it perceives can either have a pleasant or unpleasant effect. It either builds youup, or tears you down. Can you imagine what Social Media would be without the brightness of God’s Word. It would be a completely dark place. Praise God for those who take their time to share it.

The Word of God brings light in darkness. It carries great news. It is a conduit of joy. Each time you see a scripture post on Social Media, take time to meditate on it. Share it. It is the sweetest fruit in the midst of the rottenness of Social Media. Psalm 104:34 tells us the meditation of God’s Word is pleasing to God.

Rejoice and be glad today, turn your eyes away from darkness. Open your Bible and meditate on God’s Word: the well-spring and source of Life. Open your Bible every day, it is a treasure – trove of Joy. Meditate on what gives life to the soul.

© Ruth DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK #ChristianAuthor
#InChristalone #Salvation #Grace #Goodlife #Goodhealth #Sweetness#Honey #Joy #Weath


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