romans12_1scriptA life completely devoted to God

The believer in Christ has a New Life bestowed upon him or her by grace. It’s a life, presented to God, as in Romans 6:13.

This person is saved by the divine compassion and mercies of God and not by any human endeavours or personal efforts. Sin has no dominion. It is no longer a life under the Law, but under grace.

The total act of surrender
In Romans 12:1, Paul presents, “the mercies of God,” to the mind of the believer, as the most powerful incentive to devote oneself to His service. A person can be completely sold out to sin. It involves the mind, body and soul: it is to be conscious of it in ones thinking and intelligence. To be completely sold out to Jesus means that the person is absolutely and altogether faithful to God. It involves the transformation of the mind, not just external habits. That body which once served sin, now serves Christ. It is a life consecrated to Jesus. Believers in Christ are to be completely surrendered to God.

Total sacrifice
The term “sacrifice” in Romans 12: 1 is only used figuratively because Jesus Christ has already paid the ultimate sacrifice. Here, the term “sacrifice,” means consecration and separation. It is a life that is lived in total pursuit of God.

Total Service
To be set apart and used by God, is a thing of great joy, though to the world and worldly, it may not seem so…

There are no riches in this world that can compare to being enriched in Christ. It is a life of total enrichment, honour and favour, to the glory of God.

When you think about the mercies of God, His sacrifice, His love and all He has done, your reasonable response should be to present your body as a living sacrifice to HIM. This is holy and pleasing to HIM.

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