The fame, character and greatness of His glorious name is in all the earth. His glory outstrips and exceeds even the Heavens. He is the name over every other name. There is no one on this earth that can fully estimate His greatness. Who or what can measure Him? He is God alone: He created the Heavens and Earth. Before time began, He was. The whole earth is on display, declaring His majesty and greatness. Selah.

There is no wisdom that compares to His. He placed seed in the earth, producing vegetation of every kind. He created all living creatures. Both plants and animals reproducing and multiplying, by His glorious hand in all the earth. The whole of creation is dependent on Him, it is sustained by Him, it begins and ends with Him.

The only one who can aptly describe the greatness and majesty of God is God Himself. Even the Heavens cannot contain His glory!



© Ruth DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK  #ChristianAuthor



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