What a privilege to rejoice over God’s Word this morning! The Word of God reigns supreme over every form of writing, arts and wisdom of men. God’s Word nourishes the soul. David walked in the fear of the Lord. It was reverential fear of the Lord that made him stand in awe of Him. He embraced God’s Word with great JOY.

David compared His JOY over God’s WORD to one who had fought a long drawn battle and won the VICTORY. He likened it to one enjoying the treasures of victory. The challenges of daily living should make God’s Word even more precious to us. The Word of God is greater than the greatest treasure a person could ever find.

What or who is it that seeks to compete with God’s Name and HIS Word? Christ has engaged in battle for us and given us what it more precious than diamonds, gold or sliver…We can enjoy God’s Word because the battle has been already won for us. However, we must contend for TRUTH and fully understand it. Psalm 119:162 says:

“You have exalted above all things your name and your word.”(ESV)

Let nothing stand between you and God’s Word today. The enemy desires to corrupt your soul, nevertheless, you must rejoice in the full knowledge and understanding that the battle has already been won. Rejoice and again I say, Rejoice!

©Ruth Dickson Author UK #RuthDicksonUK  Christian Author

#Psal119:162 #Treasure #Gold #Silver #Word #Encouragement #Inspiration

#HeavenlyTreasuresMinistries #Gihonpuiblishing


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