WeekThe blessedness of TRUST in the Lord
You are absolutely blessed if your trust and confidence is in the Lord. Trust in man, is the complete opposite of trust in the Lord (Jer.17:5-6). The good things God has promised to give you can easily be missed if your trust is in man. Prov.3:5 says, “trust in the Lord with all your heart” and not just part of it.
Trusting in God means walking very closely with Him. He is a lamp to the feet and a light to the path (Psalm 105:109). He is a true friend. He is so close, that He will show you where there is misplaced trust and hope. Psalm 121 talks about looking up to the hills for divine help. The hills here represent a higher place where God can be found.
True prosperity and success can be compared to a tree planted beside a river. It is not affected by drought. Dry seasons make the leaves of a tree lose its colour and fall off. A tree planted by water will send its roots deep into the stream to keep its leaves evergreen. It will still produce fruit in a parched and barren land. The person who trusts God, drinks from Living Water, it is in constant supply.
The righteousness of God gives you right standing before Him. It is by His grace you have been saved, and not by any self-effort. In mercy, He draws you near, even when you have lost your way. He will direct you down the right path.
In humility, repent when you have placed your trust in anything else but the Living God. You can turn around and trust Him completely.
Have a fruitful week!
© Ruth E.A.Dickson UK #RuthDicksonAuthorUK
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