Revelation2_4The return to your First Love:
Will your Church still exist in 30 to 50 years time, if Christ tarries? Selah. It might be interesting to note that the original Ephesian Church no longer exists. What happened to its Lampstand?

The letter to the Ephesian Church:
As zealous as the Ephesian Church was in its work, patience, perseverance and opposition to false teachers, it was condemned for abandoning its first love (Rev.2:4). The letter to the Ephesian Church was addressed to Angel of Church, and we know from Rev. 1:20 that the Seven Stars represent the Seven Angels who are the (Bishops, Pastors of the Churches). The Angels were commissioned to minister individual Letters to their Churches. At some point the Ephesian Church fell out of intimacy with the Lord. Its love for Christ began to diminish. Their communion was abating. This issue was so serious in the eyes of God that the Ephesian Church was threatened with having its Lampstand removed.

The letter to the Ephesian Church speaks today:
An Ephesian Church can be compared to a wife who is perfect in every aspect of house keeping, but completely ignores her husband. The tenderness and closeness is no longer there. It can be compared to the Theologian who crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s, but has no warm communion with God.. Having more love for the Work of God, than the Love of God, is a very serious issue.

The “Angel” of the Church can be so caught up with preparing sermons, attending conferences and functions that intimate prayer and personal bible study can be neglected. It’s one thing preaching a sermon and it’s another to receive a personal Word from God. It’s possible for there to be abated affection for Christ. Performance can easily overtake a personal relationship.

When you are intimate with someone, you share your times of joy. You can also tell them your deepest fears and darkest secrets. Adam’s relationship with Eve must have superseded His relationship with God at some point. The Family, the Church, Work, and a host of other things, can overtake and stand in the way of cherished time in God’s presence. The level of intimacy can be reduced when time spent alone with God is no longer priority.

The Church can be so efficient, effective and diligent that it simply has no time for Christ. The outward display of love and affection for the Church and how it runs can be so spectacular that personal love of Christ and intimate prayer can diminish and decrease. John 3:30 says Christ must increase and we must decrease. Even if it means that people will think less of our social standing and status in Church, our personal relationship with Christ must take first place. Nothing and no one should take His rightful position in our lives and in the Church.

What is obscuring your vision of Christ today? What stands in the way of your fervent desire for Christ? Even Church attendance is not an excuse, it can never replace your personal relationship with God.

Today, God’s hand of grace is extended to the Church that has neglected its first love…
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