Revelation2_3Commendation for the Ephesian Church.
The Ephesian Church is a Church so well taught in the gospel that false teachers are not able penetrate it. It is characterised by its zeal, the desire for true teaching, patience and long suffering. It takes time and energy to run an efficient church.
To be encouraged by God in any respect is a thing of joy. Appreciation and praise is what the Ephesian Church received. Faithfulness is to be commended. A church is run on the efficiency of its untiring faithful members. The Church should run like a well oiled machine, were every part contributes to the smooth running of the Church. Where one part is not functioning properly, it effects the general output of the machine. This was not the case with the Ephesian Church as it was praised for its competence.
Many Churches are facing persecution today and it is evident that their leaders are being held up by the right hand of the Lord. Christ is protecting His Church. Despite the opposition, its leaders and members remain steadfast and loyal to their call. He holds the Seven Stars in His right hand and He walks in the midst of the the Seven Golden Lampstands (Rev.1:12, 20).
© Ruth Dickson Author UK  #RuthDicksonUK #HeavenlytreasuresMinistries
#RevelationofJesus #Rev.2:3 #Faithfulness #Perseverance #Loyalty #Competence #Ability #Skill #Selflessness #Sevenstars #Spectacular #Lampstands

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