Revelation2_2The letter to Ephesus
The Revelation of Jesus Christ revealed to His Church.
While John was in Prison in Patmos, he received a glorious and spectacular vision of Christ. Through a series of detailed visions, John is given special messages to the Seven Churches of Asia, relevant for that period and still applicable and important for the Church today.
Christ speaks as the head of His Church. The Church belongs to Him. The ministers are His servants, He has control over them. All authority and power belongs to Him.
“I know thy works…”
The Ephesian Church is commended for their labour in propagating the gospel. It’s important to note the Lord keeps an account of every service done in His name. All their hard work in keeping the Church running was not a waste a time, it was certainly noticed by God. They were patient and long- suffering. It was a Church which endured so much for Christ sake. It laboured and persevered, against the odds, for Christ.
With a spirit of discernment, the Church in Ephesus fought against false teachers. They were possibly called Ebion and Cerinthus. These were men who went about preaching a false doctrine in Asia at that time. The Church did not entertain them because they “found them Liars” (Rev.2:2).
There are many preaching sales men and women today, just like Ebion and Cerinthus, selling their wares and preaching a divisive and contrary gospel. Just like the Ephesian Church, there are Churches were preachers like this will not be entertained or tolerated. They will not be given a platform to preach lies and sow discord among the Saints. There are Churches who contend for the Truth, they uphold God’s Word and hate evil.
While there are words of commendation and encouragement to a diligent and persevering Church, which places high value upon God’s Word, there are also words of reproof. Do follow the series for more…
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