Here the Lord explains the hidden meaning of the Seven Stars and Seven Lampstands. He holds the seven stars in His right hand and walks in the midst of the seven golden Lampstands. ( Rev.1:13, see notes on Rev.1:16).

Seven Stars:

The stars represent the angels or messengers of the seven churches. Some say, just like angels represent nations (Dan.10:13, 20,21), these angels represent messengers to the seven churches. The angels are also said to represent Bishops or Pastors of the Churches. These messengers are those who received messages from John to the Churches. The Greek word (angelos) can be interpreted as angel or messenger.

The right hand of the Lord is a symbol of strength. Nothing can remove these shining stars from the right hand of the Lord. He protects them from the wicked one who desires to break them like wheat (Luke 22:31). Every single star is significant to the One who placed them in the Sky. Every minister is important to God. He gives them grace and favour. The world may not esteem or regard them, but the One who holds them in His hands, counts them as precious. Christ makes them shining stars in this world, giving them authority and power to work on His behalf. “He makes His angels winds and His ministers a flame of fire.” (Heb.1:7).

(See note on Rev.1:16).


Christ is the central theme of Revelation and He walks in the midst of the golden Lampstands. Christ is the central Lampstand the holds up the flame of each Church. The Lampstands represent the light of the Saviour. In a dark and cold world that has lost its way, the Church provides light, direction and warmth. Christ is intimate with His Bride, the Church. Christ is never far from His Church, He sees its trials and afflictions. The Church is made up of a body and each part of the body is significant and powerful in its role. Without the heart, the body will be dead. Christ is the heart beat of the Church, without Him the Church will be dead. Christ is jealous over His Bride and He walks hand in hand with her, providing guidance, instruction and correction every step of the way.

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