Revelation1_12Light that shines in darkness

John is caught up in the Spirit when He turns around to see the “voice that spoke” with Him. Revelation 1:10 describes the voice as sounding like a trumpet. He hears what the Spirit of the Lord says loud and clear, the voice is like the blast of a trumpet.

What John beholds is as bright as day. He sees seven golden lamp-stands (some versions say candle-sticks). However, I have chosen the “lamp-stand” version because candle-sticks were not in existence during the time John wrote down this Revelation.

The imagery of a lamp-stand is taken from the Old Testament. Moses designed a lamp-stand with seven lamps stands connected to one main stand. Its specifications were based on the vision given to him by God. However, the lamp-stands in John’s vision are different in that they are individual lamp-stands.

Anchored in Christ

Though churches run separately and independently, they have one anchor: Jesus Christ. The lamp-stand Moses established was connected to one main lamp – stand. In John’s vision he saw individual lamp-stands and it is Christ who upholds them. These lamp-stands in John’s vision represent individual churches connected to one major source: the light of the world. Every Church Christ has established is connected to an Eternal Lamp – Stand.

A blazing light

The Church is a blazing light that cannot be put out. They enemy will try, as it has done through the ages, but it will not succeed. Though the forces of darkness assemble against the Church, it shall overcome… It does not operate in its own strength and power. The engine of the Church runs on oil supplied by the Holy Ghost. This oil never runs dry. Though the Church may appear weak, weary and forsaken it stands.. The Church holds a flame that can never be extinguished, though heavy winds of adversity and challenges blow from the four corners of the earth, attempting to put it out. The flame that comes from God can never be put out! It shines ever brightly, eternally.

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3 thoughts on “Ever blazing Lamp Stands

  1. I am not worthy to stand in the eyes of God. I praise you God and worship you. You are true living God and I thank you for sending your son Jesus to die on Mt Calvary for saving the human race and a sinner like me. Thank you…


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