Psalm 62-11The Spirit of God will repeat things over and over again: He knows our frailties and weaknesses.

Scripture is full of repeated words and phrases. When God has a message He wants to get across, He repeats it. Though out scripture, we see inspired writers, repeating words, as repeated to them by the Spirit of God. In this modern age, we embolden, italicize and underline words, sentences and paragraphs to highlight whatever it is we are trying to say. This is the same way messages imparted by God, by repetition, are used in the Bible, to highlight and impress certain messages. For example in Genesis 41:32 Pharaoh was given two different dreams:

“The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon.”

The Spirit of God will often use different scenarios in dreams which mean exactly the same thing. This to point out the dream is real and that He means what He says, and the He says what He means. It is for us to specifically observe the message and take it seriously.

In Matthew 16:5-12, Jesus used repetition, to make His point clear; hit the nail on the head, in the minds of the disciples. Within the same passage of scripture, He repeats words to give a very strong message. He is warning them against the influence of the Sadducees and Pharicees, as He warns us today, through His Word.

Looking at Jesus style of teaching, it’s quite clear He wants us to think very carefully about what ever He says. In other words, He wants us to use our brains. We are to think and meditate about it to gain understanding.

Where the Holy Spirit repeats messages and we do not understand what He is trying to say, we are not to abandon it. We are to pray and press in for divine understanding and revelation. Until we get the point, that underlying message the Spirit is trying to covey, we must keep on praying. Amen

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