Revelation1_10In the Spirit

John was in the Spirit when he heard a great voice behind him like the sound of a trumpet. He saw with spiritual eyes and heard with spiritual ears. The things of the Spirit cannot be discerned through the flesh (1Corinthians 2:14). In the natural, John was in prison, shackled in chains, but the Lord liberated his mind from his immediate circumstances, to receive from the Spirit.

Alone with God

John honoured the Lord’s day in prison. His external circumstances did not interfere with Him as he found himself alone with God. The adverse situations in life can be great opportunities to lean into the Spirit. There are many times the believer will find themselves alone in their situation, these are great times to enter into God’s presence, to be still, and hear from God (Psalm 46:10). We can learn to be expectant, to receive from God, when we are alone in His presence.

He heard a trumpet and a loud voice

Whilst in the Spirit, John heard an alarm, it was the sound of a trumpet. This trumpet sound announced the voice of the Lord. The sound of a trumpet is of great significance in the spiritual realm. A trumpet is blown to announce the beginning of something or entrance of someone. In the OT is was used to gather the people. Moses was asked to blow a trumpet to summon the people and direct the movement of camps (Numbers 10:1-7). Trumpets were used for feasts and to sound warnings. Trumpets are used severally in Revelation to mark the start of apocalyptic events which are to take place on earth. The Lord is warning us in these last days that He is coming soon and we are to lean into the Spirit to hear the sound of the trumpets and the voice of the Lord.

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