Do not doubt, only believe. The sea is turbulent: our minds should not be like a raging sea. Our minds should be at peace, settled upon the promises of God. For more read the notes:

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James1_6Ask and it shall be given

Prayer is fruitful, because God answers prayer. When you pray to God about what He has promised, He is obliged to answer. Prayer must be done in faith and not doubt. Our requests are not just about mentioning our requests to God. It is believing He will answer them. We have boldness to access God with confidence through faith in Christ (Ephesians 3:12). A person who is not sure they are doing the right thing will not come before God with boldness. If you pray about what you think is not right, you will start off on the wrong foot. It will come from a place of condemnation. (Romans 14:23). We need to make sure our consciences are in line with the Word of God. When we continually seek God’s will, we bring our minds in line the mind of Christ.

Pray in faith

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