revelation1_42Timelessness: “Who is and Who was and Who is to come.” Rev.1:4 (Part 3)

Who is this God who supplies us with Grace and peace? He is the God who is, who was and who is to come.

  • He is the source of Grace and peace to us

  • He is eternal, He is everlasting and unchanging

  • He is constantly intervening and shifting the immoveable.

Seven Spirits:

It goes without saying, there are some doors in Revelation that appear to have no keys…

The “Seven Spirits” mentioned in Rev.1:4 could mean a number of things. Just like the Seven Churches represent The Church as a whole (read part 1), the Seven Spirits may represent the nature of God, the Spirit in Isaiah11:2 is described in seven aspects:

The Spirit of the Lord,

The Spirit of wisdom,

The Spirit of understanding,

The Spirit of counsel,

The Spirit of might,

The Spirit of knowledge and

The Spirit of the fear of the Lord.

It could also represent the Spirit of God present in each of the Seven Churches (Rev.5:6).

We need the Spirit of God in every aspect of our lives. We need the Spirit of the Lord. We need His Wisdom and insight so that we know the right way to go and the right things to do. We need His understanding, He gives us the ability to see beyond the natural, He gives divine understanding. He sees things as they really are, and not how they appear to be. Before Him all things are open and manifest. He is the wonderful counsellor. The Spirit who can give guidance, counsel, understanding and direction through every generation. He is a God of power who gives strength in place of weakness. He is a mighty deliverer, who delivers His children in times of trouble. We need the Spirit of God to enable and equip us. He is the Spirit of Knowledge, He unveils Jesus Christ to us, without Him, we cannot know Christ. The Spirit of the fear of the Lord promotes within us the right attitude and reverence towards God.

We need the Spirit of God to be God’s people in the ever changing difficulties of life.

His Throne:

The Holy Spirit is always in the presence of God. The sovereign decrees of the Father are carried out by Him.

© Ruth E.A. DicksonUK #‎RuthDicksonUK‬ #‎ChristianAuthor‬SingerMissionary

Stay tuned and follow this whole series on Revelation. The riches in Christ are unsearchable. You can read the whole series here. Until Christ returns we must equip ourselves with His Word.

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