revelation1_42Grace to you and peace from Him – (Part 2 Rev.. 1:4)

Looking at the New Testament, you will discover almost every letter begins with the words “grace and peace” to you. For example:

Ephesians 1:2 “Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus.”

Colossians 1:2 “…Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Over again in the New Testament the Apostles emphasised :“Grace and Peace to you.” John wrote with the authority of Christ when he said, “Grace to you and peace from Him.”(Eph.1:4)

What does every individual church need?

Every Church is in constant need of grace and peace. Grace is the undeserved favour of God. It is God not giving us what we deserve, it is undeserved mercy. It is a unique work of God in pardoning guilty sinners. It is not something anyone can earn, it is what He gives freely and willingly, though we do not deserve it. It is God constantly blessing us, because He desires to do so. If God gives us what we deserve, it would be His anger and wrath. As sinners saved by Grace, we do not approach God in our own righteousness. We come boldly before God, in the righteousness of Christ.


The Apostles were always praying for “Grace” for the churches. Whether they were writing to the Thessalonians, Colossians, Ephesians or John writing to “the seven churches of Asia,” (Rev.1:4). Their prayer was that God would give the Church Grace. It was a prayer that God would bless His Church, despite its short-comings, failures and sin. It was a prayer for God to be gracious to His Church and not give them what they truly deserve. It was prayer for the kindness, goodness and mercies and love of God upon the Church, in-spite of its sin.


Peace is the absence of conflict. Looking at its context within scripture, it refers to the spiritual well-being of a person. It is the sense of knowing that a person or people are at peace with God. Peace is significant because it protects the heart. Despite it all, whatever circumstance in life, the person at peace with God has a stable relationship with Him, based on the Saviours death. This peace gives a well rounded sense of well being. Psalm 65:2 highlights this when it says, “my soul finds rest in God.”

God is constantly gracious towards us and we need it. This is what John is praying for, “Grace and peace to you…” (Rev.1:4). Every moment we wake, we must recognise the need of God’s Grace. We cannot live one moment without it. In our daily struggles, challenges, trials and temptations, we must know the peace of God. It is that spiritual well-being based upon a strong foundation. Every day and night, we need Grace and peace. The Church needs that constant beam of the light of God upon it.

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