More on the teaching series from Revelation (Rev.1:4) Part one

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Revelation1_4The seven churches – part 1

The main point of The Book of Revelation is to reveal Jesus Christ. It is a book of sign posts that direct us to eternal truths. It is Jesus who does the unveiling and revealing and not John. John simply records all that is revealed to him.. The aim of Revelation is to testify to everything that John saw.

To the seven churches:

These were seven churches that actually existed at that time. The names of the churches are given in Rev.1:11.

Why seven churches when in reality, there were nine?

At that time there were more that seven churches in Asia. For example in Acts 20:6-7 we read about Paul breaking bread in “Troas” which was in Asia. Also, we read of a letter written by Paul to a Church in Colossae. Epaphras founded this church, also Laodicea and Hierapolis, all found in…

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