Revelation1_1A personal gift of God the Father to God the Son

The Book of Revelation is distinguished from every other Book in the Bible in that it is a personal gift, directly and divinely given by God the Father, to God the Son. It is so precious. It is a book which reveals and unveils Jesus Christ.

What is the origin of the Book?

Revelation 1: 1 shows the passageway or progression of information from God the Father. It can be described as the five stages of transmission. The five stages of transmission from God the father are:

1) The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him (Jesus Christ) – Notice the capital (H). (1:1)

  1. Jesus Christ sends His angel (1:1)

  2. The angel transmits this Revelation to John (1:1)

  3. John receives this revelation, and passes it on (1:1)

  4. to the servants of Christ (1:1).

Are you a servant of Jesus Christ? If yes, this book is for you, regardless of how inapplicable it may seem. The human author is John, but the ultimate author is God Himself. It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, given by God, to you His servant.

© Ruth E.A. DicksonUK #‎RuthDicksonUK‬ #‎ChristianAuthor‬SingerMissionary

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