Revelation1_1A Revelation of Jesus Christ
It brings deep humility knowing there are certain things in life that can only be understood by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Revelation is one of them. You will notice that many commentators of the Bible, often do not extend their commentaries into Revelation.

To reveal something, is to disclose something, not previously known or understood. However, in reality, as you read through Revelation, you will discover several layers of mysteries that are hard to understand. Despite the veils within the Book, we must remember its purpose (i.e.) to “reveal” what it hidden. We must always remind ourselves of the name of this Book: REVELATION!

Jesus Christ revealed:
The opening verse (Rev.1:1) clearly reveals the subject of The Book Revelation: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” There are other elements, sometimes given as the subject of The Book Revelation, like the mysteries of the millennium, the histories of the world, (from the first to the second coming of Christ), pictures of marvelous beasts, fascinating symbols and so on. However, the fundamental lesson of The Book of Revelation is Jesus Christ. It is an unveiling of truth about Jesus Christ to our souls, minds and hearts.

The fundamental purpose of The Book of Revelation is to increase our understanding, appreciation our love for and obedience to Jesus Christ. To focus on anything else is to undoubtedly miss the main point of the Book. The main point is not to support prophetic systems or satisfy our quests for the answer to lots of mysterious questions. I can not over emphasize the main point of the Book of Revelation and that is: to reveal to us Jesus Christ.

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