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What is The Book of Revelation really about?
Join me over the next few weeks as I go through some of the chapters of this controversial Book.
The Book of Revelation is sometimes called the “Apocalypse” which really comes from Latin and Greek. It means “unveiling.”
What is The Book of Revelation trying to unveil?
There are myriads of interpretations and contexts to which this Book is set. With these hosts of analysis or explanations that exist, it can be come very confusing, and many choose to skip and avoid it, rather than try to understand it.
Some set this Book within the context of the persecution taking place around the time it was written. Around this period, there were two major persecutions: The persecution from the Emperor Nero (AD 54-68) and persecution from Domitian (AD 81- 96).
Emperor Nero’s persecution of Christians happened around the…

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