romans8_28God governs the world

That “all things work together for good to those who love God” is a truth that should bring great consolation to the believer. These words teach believers that no matter the situation or circumstance they go through, they all work for the good of God’s children. In one way or the other, it will work out to the advantage of the child of God, according to Romans 8:28.

Suffering is prevalent theme throughout the Bible. In Genesis 1:31, we see Adam and Eve living in complete bliss until sin creeps in and ruins everything. Even while Jesus lived on earth He experienced suffering. Isaiah 53:3 speaks of Him as One who would be “despised and rejected, a man of many sorrows.”

In general, people are drawn to teachings that conveniently skip the issue of suffering and this can be injurious and detrimental. Losing loved ones, anxiety, sadness, sickness, trials and tribulations are realities that exist in this world. All creation groans and looks forward to a new dwelling place, a new heaven and earth (Romans 8: 19 -22). Every believer looks forward to a place where all things will be made new (Revelation 21:5). Until this time, we must face life now and the issues it brings on a day to day basis.

Every believer must learn to trust God, no matter how the difficult the circumstance. A time of suffering may be a time to encourage someone going through a similar issue. God is a refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46). A set back can be a set time to invest in God’s purposes.

The child of God should have every comfort knowing they are called according to God’s eternal purpose. They have been called by grace, even before the world began (2Tim 1:9). God’s plans and purposes can never be defeated or thwarted. The counsel of the Lord will always stand.

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