WeekA2Praying for guidance:

Early in the morning is the best time to seek the Lord’s face for guidance. It is “early in morning” that David would call out to God and seek His face (Psalm 63:1). It is “early in the morning” that David would desire to see the loving kindness of the Lord (Psalm 143:8).

What are your plans for today? Seek the Lord to direct you in everything. He is a God who never fails, He always wants the best for His children. Put your trust in Him today. He will direct your paths and lead you in the right way (Psalm 25:4, Proverbs 3:6).

Pray that you may see His loving kindness this morning without any delay…

© Ruth E.A. DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK  #ChristianAuthor

#Guidance #David #Love #Hope #Kindness #Psalm63:1 #Psalm143:8 #Psalm25:4 #Proverbs3:6


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