Just like Timothy, (1 & 2 Timothy), every believer is encouraged “to stir up the gift of God.” Timothy had very strong influences in his life, a praying mother (Eunice) and grandmother (Lois) (2 Tim.1:5). Just like him, you may have grown up in church or have Christian parents, however, these influences can be taken for granted.

Though his mother and grand-mother had a strong influence in Timothy coming to faith in Christ, he still had issues coming from the Greek influence in his life. (This is just like anyone who comes to Christ, the influence of the world still lingers on, until the gradual process of regeneration and sanctification kicks in and separates them from the world.) 

By His grace, there are a chosen generation of people, sons and daughters, foreknown, predestined, adopted, redeemed and forgiven. A people called because of God’s grace and not by anything they could have possibly done. Timothy was not to rely on the faith of his mother or grandmother. Paul wanted Timothy to stand firm in his own faith. He recognised Timothy still needed encouragement and nurturing. He needed to work out his own salvation (Phillippians 2:12) and not rely on his earthly family.

Timothy had been adopted into a heavenly family. He was a man called according to God’s own purpose, saved by grace and not by works. He was saved because God knew him, loved him and saved him even before he was formed in his mother womb (Jer.1:5, Romans 9:13). If you believe in Jesus Christ today, you have not believed because of anyone else. No human being has the power to covert a soul. Conversion is a work of the Spirit. It is part of God’s wonderful plan for Salvation (Eph2:8).

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