The world’s system is designed to take you away from God and encapsulate your mind with perishable things. The world holds fast its victims, feeding them with lust, temptation and anything that will drag them away from the spiritual, into the sensual. However, the world has no power over the believer immersed in Christ. When the devil attempts to distract and occupy the believer, the believer will overcome because they believe in Jesus Christ. Anyone who is born of God will overcome the world by faith. Even the weakest believer overcomes by faith.

Jesus fills the soul with such great things about Himself that there is no time for anything else. The temporary things, which are seen, are nothing compared to the things which are not seen, the eternal.

The face of Jesus reflects the brightness of God’s glory. Rejoice and celebrate Jesus today, you overcomer of the world!

©Ruth E.A. DicksonUK #RuthDicksonUK  #ChristianAuthor

#1John5:5 #1John #Faiththatovercomestheworld #Eternal #Temporal #Spirit #Sin #Sensual #Lust #Distraction #Desiren #Carnal


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