Week4Confidence in approaching God

What a friend we have in Jesus. Through Him we have access to the Father. It is a privilege and great honour to have access to the throne of grace. What an assurance, that whatever we ask, according to His will, He hears. We have boldness in Christ to approach the Father, with our prayers and petitions regardless of our situations or circumstances. It is a comfort to know that our supplications are heard, received and accepted when we pray “according to His will.”

The Lord knows what is best for us, He determines our paths. If we pray for things that will ultimately hurt us, they will not be granted. He is the Lord who knows all things, He will not grant such contrary prayers. God’s judgement is always according to truth. 1 John 3:22 says that whatever we ask for, we receive because we keep His commands and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

Will He find your prayer request pleasing or distasteful: in complete contradiction to His will?

Let us pray today that our prayers will be agreeable to God. Let them line up with his plan and purposes for our lives and the lives of others. Let us pray for the grace to submit to His will and do what He requires of us. This is a promise and guarantee, according to 1 John 5:14, that when we ask of anything, “according His will,” He will hear us. Amen. If this blessed you, do share it and bless someone today.

©Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK  #ChristianAuthorSingerMissionary

#Assurance #Confidence #Prayer #Boldness #Supplication #Petitions #HisWill #Jesus

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