weekly post 1“Come and hear”

It’s not unusual for a people to rejoice when they hear good news about carnal things. How often do we rejoice about what God has done for the soul? Do we rejoice when we hear a friend, neighbour or family member is completely sold out for Christ?

The ear is the gate way to hear about God’s mercy. Those who understand grace and mercy will truly rejoice when they hear about it. Not everyone can relate to deep spiritual joy, especially when they have never experienced it themselves. Its non appreciation can be compared to casting pearls before swine, it will be trampled down. A life without Christ is a dead life. A person who has been restored to life through Christ has a great testimony.

Every believer should make a special effort to tell others about what God has done for their soul. It is a story that should be told again and again. It is a source of strength and encouragement to those who are weak in the faith.

Call others today to hear about how God restored your life from a dead life. Tell how Jesus saved you from total ruin, the Saviour of your soul.

© Ruth E.A. Dickson #RuthDicksonUKAuthorMissionarySinger

#InChristAlone #Psalm66:16 #Sensual #Spiritual #Truth #Christ #Gospel #Soul #Strength


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