7A supernatural heart transplant.

What is impossible with man, is possible God.

A natural heart transplant is a process where a diseased heart is replaced with a healthy heart from an organ donor. Before a donors heart can be removed, the donor must be declared brain dead by two or more doctors, separately.

When God gives a new heart, he does not take it from a dead person. He reproduces it by |His own hands. He doesn’t attempt to fix the old one either, He gives what is brand new.

By God’s grace, the book of Ezekiel showed the  Israelites would be delivered from their idolatry by the divine hand of God. He is able to use the natural things in this world to mold and shape us into what He wants us to be. There were those of the house of Israel, held in captivity by the Babylonians. Though they did not have a physical temple to worship in, God made himself a sanctuary to them. Where in times past, they would see the glory and power of God in the sanctuary, now they would see the demonstration of glory and power with His presence. His grace would be in their hearts. He would remove the divided heart, committed to many gods and give them one heart. He would give them a heart totally surrendered and abandoned to Him.

They will be my people, and I will be their God.” Jer.32:38

A divided heart is not pleasing to God. Just like He did with Israel, He is able to use situations and circumstances to circumcise our hearts. Idolatry, in all its forms, is what divides the human heart from God. God hates all forms of idolatry.

God is able to give a brand new heart in place of the old one. He has done it in the past and He can do it now. God can bring new circumstances to create new life. Pray for that situation that needs a new start. God does not carve out the what is bad in the old heart, He gives a completely new one. A new heart, a new start, a new life, a new spirit!

© Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK #ChristianAuthor

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