1.jpgInestimable mercy
He makes away, even in the wilderness and dry land. He brought the Israelites through the greatest difficulties and storms. His mighty power displayed through His great acts. He performed wondrous miracles in the past: parting the Red Sea and annihilating the Egyptian army at the same time. Yet, He is able to do it again, even more than what He has done before.
The deliverance out of Egypt was a glorious display of His power. The emancipation of Israel from Babylon was not as spectacular as the escape of Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, so the prophecy spoke of something far greater. The inestimable mercy of sending the Messiah to Israel is of far greater value than any miracles of the past.
A new thing:
Nothing can compare to what God is doing now in this dispensation. Former deliverances are limited in comparison to the redemption by Christ. He has made a way in the wilderness, made rivers in desert lands and made the crooked places straight. Jesus Christ has released manifold blessings upon His Children, both Jews and Gentiles.
© Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK Christian Author
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