Zephaniah 317

The day of the Lord

Zephaniah is one of the most neglected books of the Old Testament. Set in history, it contains Zephaniah’s prophecy. Though the prophetic books within the Bible predict the future, we must not forget the immediate literal meaning where it addressed Israel, Judah and surrounding nations.

The primary role of the prophet, was to speak on behalf of God, in the times which they lived. The central theme in the book of Zephaniah is:

“The day of the Lord.”

The whole prophecy of Zephaniah is set against this day. This is the judgement that will come upon the whole world. Whether Judah at that time or the whole world, it is the day of the Lord, a day that no one will escape. After the previous chapters of God’s judgements, darkness and gloom, against the world and against God’s people, Chapter three brings words of hope and restoration.

Reason to rejoice: Zephaniah Chapter 3
Here we see the recipients of God’s grace, moving from the place of defilement, oppression and rebellion, to the place of purity, harmony and submission.

“The day of the Lord”, will come, but not with its fear and anguish.

Rejoicing and celebration
This is the great theme of Chapter three. Zephaniah calls for unrestrained rejoicing. He calls the children of God to burst into triumphant song:

“…Sing, ….shout loud…be glad and rejoice.”

Each person is told to rejoice with all their heart.
I pray this will be your song child of God. It is victory the Prophet Zephaniah calls you to anticipate. You have reason to truly rejoice this morning if you whole heartedly trust in the Living God.

© Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK Christian Author
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