matthewBe sure of this:
Though you may not see Jesus physically, believe He is always there, cheering you on, strengthening, encouraging and comforting you. The disciples felt afraid and alone when Jesus was no longer there. When Jesus died on the Cross, the disciples felt all hope was lost, but as promised, He rose again. He sent a message to the disciples asking them to meet him in Galilee (Mathew 28:7). Even at His appearance, some doubted it was Him…

You may feel abandoned and orphaned in this cold and uncaring world, but you must never forget the words of Jesus:

“I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

This is no joke.
Jesus will never leave you, nor forsake you. He is an eternal friend, He won’t desert you. In every situation, He is there. This promise is eternal. The disciples had to believe Jesus words by faith and we have to do the same. Moses had to accept the commission to stand before Pharaoh, He was given an arduous task.

Christ lives within our hearts. He dwells within us, He is Emmanuel. He never leaves us, He is with us always. Believers all over the world, in every nation, of every age and heritage must place their TRUST in Almighty God. He is Almighty God and there is none like Him. He will lead you and defend you, He makes you whole. In sickness and sorrow, in health and joy, He remains the same, He doesn’t change.

Never be afraid, you are never alone. Trust in His unfailing love. He loves you for eternity. You can rejoice in this always. Have faith in the ONE who is a constant companion and unfailing friend.
©Ruth E.A. DicksonUK Christian Author
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