Romans 82830All things work together for our good.

You have every reason to rejoice if you believe in Jesus. You will serve God with cheerfulness because of your persuasion. You believe in the promises of God and know that all things, whether good or bad, work together for your benefit. His purpose still stands even when circumstances try to dictate otherwise. We must understand that God is sovereign in all things. This is a great consolation for all who have suffered for Christ’s sake. The present sufferings in this world do not compare to glory, everlasting joy and splendour of Heaven.

We live in a world full of broken people in Adam. Unless a person is in Christ, no matter how together they appear to be on the outside, they remain a broken version of God’s image. Those in a relationship with Jesus Christ are those who are “foreknown.” The word “knew” in the Hebrew sense means, “to know and love intimately,” like in a marriage relationship. Anyone foreknown is a person specifically chosen by God, before hand, to conform to the image of His Son.

Anyone in Christ is a new creation, born into a new family. Everyone justified is glorified. Regardless of their struggles, they will arrive at their final destination, Heaven.

©Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK  Christian Author

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