Psalm 13914

Dear Jesus,
You know our thoughts and desires, you are the possessor of our souls You own us. Who can see beyond the natural, into the dark uncovered places of the earth?

Before we were formed in our mothers wombs, you knew us and called us. As a landlord builds and owns a house, so you formed and own us, you reign and you rule. Like hidden treasures, you brought us to earth. You were our divine guardian before time began, because you existed before time began. You are the uncreated God, who created all things. All things exist and are upheld by the power of your hands. Everything created is under your custody and control. Our lives belong to you Jesus and you determine our footsteps in this life.

We bless and adore your name Lord Jesus, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Your Children x
© Ruth E.A. Dickson UK
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